Whitney AKA Super Sexy Instructor

Random fact – All through childhood I had an obsession with advanced maths and needs a spoon full of nutella a day to function.

Whitney first started pole dancing 4 years ago now. She was nervous attending her first class not knowing what to expect but once the music started & poles started spinning the adrenaline soon kicked in and she was hooked! Pole dancing quickly became her obsession, moving from one class a week to spending as much time at the studio as she possibly could. She started instructing 3 years ago and was so glad to share her passion with others. She loves to see students develop their skills right in front of her eyes & the excitement she gets to share with them as they nail a new trick makes it all worth it. She pole dances for fitness & for fun. Although she has also found it a fantastic way to meet new friends. Whitney also has a 2 year old daughter Cleo who she adores. She was able to maintain my strength & fitness by continuing to pole dance the whole way through her pregnancy. Also making it much easier to get back to it once Cleo was born.