Wellness Services


 The "Vibrosaun Machine" simulates the effect of exercise in a reclining position. A therapeutic dry sauna consisting of a padded vibrating bed, & dry heat which circulates through the unit over & under the bed. Whilst cold air keeps your head & face cool, the rest of the body is inside the machine.

By combining the two together you increase the blood flow & oxygen. The body cells use oxygen to burn up carbohydrates such as starch, etc. It also accelerates the kidney function in the removal of lactic acid & body wastes. Your circulation will increase, fluid retention relieved, blood pressure lowered, relieved muscle aches & pains, greatly relieving tension & stress, you will be left rejuvenated & on your way to total well being.



Miss Sugar Melbourne

She is your go-to girl in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for superior hair removal and skin conditioning. She hasn't touched a wax pot in 18 months, after 18 years of waxing clients. She will NEVER go back to wax. She has successfully addressed the issues of ingrown hairs, eczema and excess hair growth - all with sugar. After 18 years, she has finally found her passion in the Beauty Industry. Because Body Sugaring is not just hair removal - it's a Complete Skin Conditioning Treatment. And she can't wait to introduce you to it.